The Calvary War Memorial

The Church of the Annunciation is home to the Marylebone Calvary War Memorial, which is situated on the corner of Old Quebec Street and Bryanston Street, on the south east corner of the church. The memorial commemorates those who lost their lives in WW1, and includes the names of local servicemen from a wide range of regiments (see below). It is thought that the memorial was installed shortly after the construction of the current building and that the design is also by Walter Tapper. Two inscribed stone tables are mounted on the brick buttresses behind the crucifix, bearing the names, rank, and regiments of the fallen.

The War Memorial is used at our annual act of remembrance in November each year. It is regularly visited on a day-to-day basis, with countless people paying their respects, laying flowers, pausing to reflect, and praying for peace just a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

The Calvary War Memorial was recently vandalised, and therefore needs urgent repair. Supported by a grant from the War Memorials Trust and with further backing from Westminster Council's CIL, the Heritage Fund is now enabling us to repair and restore this important memorial. In addition, the Heritage Fund will help us develop learning resources developed with the War Memorials Trust. These will be piloted with Hampden Gurney CofE Primary school - our parish school - to enable children to discover the rich history signified by this local landmark and the wider heritage it embodies, as well as activities for the Deaf community too.

Planning for the Future

The War Memorial project has opened up a fantastic opportunity for two facilitated Pilot projects which will be funded by our National Lottery Heritage Fund grant awarded in November 2023. These activities will take place next Spring and Summer with Hampton Gurney School and the Deaf Church as a trial for lifting barriers and diversifying from more formal learning sessions. War memorials are a unique aspect of our heritage providing a means of understanding both the sacrifices made by so many throughout history and the consequences of conflict. Ideas for projects include: supporting children in planning, writing and performing their own Remembrance poetry; exploring and understanding different perspectives of conflict; using music to connect with the concept of Service as children explore, create and perform their own Remembrance music; lessons focused on how pupils can design their own space for Remembrance, considering themes such as plants, shape and colour; use music to connect with the concept of Service as children explore, create and perform their own Remembrance music; students hearing from a Soldier and Paramedic, before creating a poster or display to reflect how Service impacts different people; and discovering what Armistice meant in 1918, reflecting on the service and sacrifice of a generation and what that means for our lives today. We hope that the community can be will be involved in our Pilots and will share their views as to what would interest them and, importantly, what is important and relevant to them.

At the same time, an outline Conservation Plan is being drawn up by our architect’s team to inform our forthcoming larger lottery project. This work will research the significance of the Grade II* building and the stories behind it, some possibly not yet known, to share with everyone and inform future activity.

"We will remember them."




Bag(c)ot E. L. H.


Baldwin A. E.

HMS Queen Mary MID R.N.

Baldwin H. R.


1st Batt (?) Gds

Baker W.

6th City Lon

Banson W. J.


19th Midlx Reg. T.F.

Beerbohm C (G). E.


Blythe G(C).

Blythe R.

Bruce D.

Bruce J.

Camelare D. S.


7 City Lon Fus 2nd Batt

Canning E.

2nd Lieut

Cunningham R.


9th City Lon Batt

Easterbrook G.(C)


9th Lon Batt

Eddie G(C). R.


York & Lan Reg

Elliott W. L.


Lon Rifle Brig

Faux G(C). F.


18th Lancs Fus

Fuller F.

Gill C(G). S.


13th Cty Lon Batt K.R.

Hart F. R.

Lieut M.C.

1st Herts Reg

Hooper E.


Canadian L.I.

Jones S. E.

Serg Maj M.C.

6th Lon Rifles

Kingston G.

Kitchener A.


Berks Reg

Lambert E.


11th Hussars

Lapworth C(G). W.


9th Lon Q.V.R.

Leggatt H.


Leslie N.

Lindsay N.

Macpherson H. W.

Maj M.C.

Spurstowmiller W. F.


1st B. N.Z.E.F.I.R.

Muzzell S. J. H.


2nd S.A.Inf

Muzzell P. T. W.


12 Batt Rangers Lon Reg

Moody R. H. M.


2nd Batt Lancs Fus

Childe-Pemberton E. W. B.



Forder A. W.


2nd Batt Rifle Brigade

Parfitt E.


17th Midlx Reg

Pearce G. A.

Qns Westminsters

Perrett F. L.


17th Lon Reg

Perrett H. B.


19th Lon Reg

Pollak H. L.


2nd Rifle Brigade

Pooley A. J.


13th Coty Lon K.R.

Redgell A.


9th Coty London

Redgell P.


9th Coty London

Richter W. H.


Welsh Fus

Robinson F. V.


Shaw R. E. F.

13th Lon Reg K. Batt

Shaw E. A.


6th Batt Lt Infantry

Shaw B. H.


2nd Batt W Yorks

Shaw A. G.


10th Sherwoodforesters

Sheldon A. E.

2nd Lieut

5th Essex Reg

Somerset N. A. H.

2nd Lieut

1st Batt Gdr Gds

Strangward H.


Tait A. D.


9th Lon Q.V.R.

Tyler A. H.


Gdr Gds

Watts W.

Weatherston W.


Ottawa Rifles

Williams C(G).


6th C. Lon Rifls

Wiltshire H. J. A.

Wright E. L.

Brig Major MC

Wright G. H.


12th Rfl Bde

Wright A.


Weinel G.

2nd Lieut

Booth A. G.


Royal Welsh Fus

Booth T.


Royal Welsh Fus

Jefferson H. St. John


City Lon Yeomanry

Jefferson H.


Oxon & Bucks Lt Inf

Jones W.


1st Irish Guards

Brown I. M.


Photo Gallery

Frances Moreton, Director, War Memorials Trust, said, "War memorials connect us today to those who have given their lives in conflicts throughout history. Conserving them will ensure future generations can continue to pay their respects. War Memorials Trust was delighted to support this project and hopes it will ensure the war memorial remains a focal point for the community. Anyone concerned about any other war memorials that might need help should contact the charity, or if you believe it is important to preserve our war memorial heritage please donate to help us sustain our work.”

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