The Annunciation is a parish church in the Church of England. The church is therefore part of the established church in England.

Parishes are grouped into deaneries which are themselves part of dioceses. Dioceses are often split into Archdeaconries and Episcopal Areas. Dioceses are grouped into Provinces. In England there are two provinces, Canterbury and York each with an Archbishop.

The Annunciation is in the Westminster St Marylebone Deanery which goes from the Edgware Road west to almost Tottenham Court Road and extends north from Oxford Street up to Regent's Park taking in western side of the park to Hamilton Terrace.

The deanery is in the Archdeaconry of Charing Cross and the Diocese of London. The Bishop of London is directly responsible for the parishes in the City of London and the City of Westminster. We pray regularly for Sarah our Bishop and Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Within the parish the body that oversees its affairs is called the Parochial Church Council (PCC). The vicar is the chairman and the ex officio members are the churchwardens and those elected to the deanery synod.

The remainder of the PCC are either elected or coopted at the annual meeting. The Annual Meeting is usually after Easter. The PCC meets at least four times a year. If there are matters that you think the PCC should address please contact Fr Lincoln or the PCC Secretary.

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