Sharing our FutureSharing our Future

“Sharing our Future” is a major project designed to raise funds to ensure that our astonishing building remains open and our work with the community is enhanced.

We want to “share our future” by creating a practical and sustainable project that will tackle the mounting problems with our building once and for all, as well as ensure everyone is made to feel welcome within it. The building is currently on Historic England’s “At Risk Register”, so some of the work has become increasingly urgent, with architects now exploring the most effective remedies and quantifying the works that will be required. We are also hampered in our community engagement, and learning programmes, due to the lack of access and inadequate facilities, so we want to find ways to better utilise spaces and upgrade aspects of the building so that more people can use it.

This exciting new project begins in November 2023 so that our beautiful building can be enhanced for users today and for generations to come. We are grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for providing a resilience grant of £90,000 in support of this project, and also to the War Memorials Trust and Westminster's CIL who are offering specific support for the repair and conservation of the recently vandalised Calvary War Memorial on the corner of Old Quebec Street. We are immensely grateful to all our funders for their support.

You can read about what we’re doing on the various pages in this dedicated section of our website, which will be updated regularly as things start to happen. And there are lots of ways to get involved or to contribute to "Sharing our Future". Please contact Fr Lincoln to discover ways you can help.

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