Charities Trust

Payroll giving is the most tax efficient way for you to support the Annunciation (without the need for higher rate tax payers to reclaim in their tax returns). The Annunciation uses Charities Trust to administer this form of giving. You can use Charities Trust if you are an employee and you get paid weekly or monthly through PAYE, or you get a company and/or personal pension and your provider deducts tax through PAYE. You can also make a donation by authorising your employer or pension provider to deduct a set amount from your salary or pension income. As a Payroll Giving Agency registered under HMRC, Charities Trust processes your charitable deduction and then pays it out to the Annunciation, including gift aid on the full amount of tax you have paid, which is an extra 25% for the basic tax rate, or more for those paying a higher tax rate. Charities Trust charges 4% of your donation, which covers their administration and card processing costs.

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